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RCS Foundation Banquet 2022

All the Details


Check in will begin at 5:30pm and our silent auction area will also be open for bidding at that time. In order to check-in, just say hello to the banquet host at the entrance, find a seat, fill out the bidder registration information and go to the auction table, (next to the auction items) to turn in your bidder registration and get your bidder number.


The silent auction will be closing all at the same time - at 7:45pm.

Please keep in mind that in the silent auction there are noted specific bidding raise increments of $2 or $5. Bid accordingly so that your bid is valid. Also note that for bids to be valid, they must be made by bidders of 18 years and up.


Silent Auction:

  • The silent auction items that will be available are:

  • Teacher dates (this is where you are bidding for your child and a friend to do an activity with the teacher. The teacher will have a planned activity which will be described at the silent auction table.

  • Principal for a day: (this is where your student, if they win, will get to wear a teacher for a day badge and choose from several activities including pulling the fire alarm for a fire drill, lunch with a friend and Mrs. Gerber, bringing cupcakes to your class)

  • Class Projects. This is a project that each class has put together and is very special. The kids generally are very involved in the process of creating this. *


Raffle and Games:
During this event you may choose to purchase a playing card (which will be the raffle ticket) from our 4th and 5th Graders to play in our 50/50 raffle. If you aren’t aware of what a 50/50 raffle is, let me just tell you - it’s where there is a cash pot that people are getting raffle tickets (aka playing cards in this case) and at the end of the evening, whoever has the correct corresponding card gets 50% of the cash while the school gets the other 50%. 

Dinner and Entertainment:

Our delicious dinner buffet & dessert selection will be open from 6-7pm.

It will be catered by THAT FOOD GUY CATERING.

For your entertainment, we will have a slideshow, a video of interview questions asked of our students, a testimonial or two from current and former parents of RCS as well as the fun 50/50 Raffle!


Our school’s childcare program will be offering childcare at the cost of $10/child. Dinner will be included for childcare. Thanks to Domino’s for the donation of the pizzas! You must sign your child up for childcare prior to the event. 


Tickets are available for purchase in the school office via cash or check, or by going to

As a reminder, with all the opportunities available, we do ask that you show respect for personal space and the health precautionary preferences of those in attendance. 


We truly are so thankful for all our Riviera family, friends, & supporters. We look forward to seeing you! So come join us! Relax and enjoy an evening of fun and fellowship as we celebrate together, Christ-centered education, and Jesus Christ—our Lord and Savior.


Please share this information and invite your friends and family. Our school is able to run because of everyone’s generous donations. If you have benefited from the resources of RCS, whether through scholarships, your child’s education, the support you get from teachers, we value your support. Without the support of generous donations, the scholarships wouldn’t be possible, as well as the resources that are provided to our teachers. 

If you have any further questions, or would be interested in volunteering to help, please send a text (503) 930-2999 or an email (


Thank you for generously supporting


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