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What is Scrip?

Simply, Scrip is gift cards. We’ve signed up for our Scrip program through “Great Lakes Scrip Company”. Great Lakes has contracted with hundreds of the country's biggest brands including grocery stores, gas stations, department stores, restaurants, hotels and more to purchase gift cards at a reduced rate. When you purchase Scrip, you receive the full value you purchase, but RCS receives credit for the rebates offered from each of the retailers from which you purchased.

How Do I Benefit From Buying Gift Cards from Scrip?

Paying tuition is our least favorite part of private school, right? To help offset tuition costs, we have established a new “Tuition Reduction Incentive Program” or TRIP. The best part of the TRIP program is it works while you do your normal shopping and it costs you nothing additional!!! With TRIP,  you now have the option to designate 50% of the rebate your Scrip order earns towards your tuition bill! Even better? If you encourage your friends & family to sign up, they can designate their earnings to go towards your account, too! This has the potential to be huge!


Take this example: You purchase a Safeway gift card for your monthly grocery trip. You pay $500 & receive a $500 gift card. Safeway offers a 5% rebate, so RCS receives $25 credit from your purchase. $12.50 can be credited towards your tuition bill. It really is that easy

Visit the Scrip rebate calculator to see how much your Scrip purchases could earn!

How can I buy Scrip?

A selection of Scrip are kept on hand in the RCS office & available for purchase during office hours. Selection varies. Additionally, each RCS family can sign up for their own Scrip account through ShopWithScrip, using Riviera's enrollment code. Please contact our Scrip coordinator,  Darcy Gunter or check in at the office for the enrollment code.

Why should I sign up for a account?
You don't have to - we will continue to accept the printed scrip order forms. However, there are several benefits to signing up for your own ShopWithScrip account. One of the great benefit to signing up for your own ShopWithScrip account  is the ability to purchase Scrip at your convenience. Remembering deadlines can be tedious, but when you sign up for your own account, your plastic cards will ship with our next group order (just don't forget to pay for your order).

Additionally, if you enroll in PrestoPay, you have the ability to order eScrip , which is delivered electronically & available to be used within minutes of your purchase. ShopWithScrip also offers a mobile site, so ordering on the go is so simple! 

Visit the Shop With Scrip website  to see the hundreds of available Scrip options - even more options available than those listed on the printable Scrip order form!

Are Orders Accepted Every Week?


At the current time, Scrip orders will be accepted on a bi-weekly basis.  To check a specific date, please refer to the Upcoming Order Dates listed below.


When Is The Order Deadline?


If ordering online and using PrestoPay for payment, your order must be processed on the Scrip website,, by 9 a.m. on Tuesday, of an order week. For online orders with check payment to RCS, your check must be received in the school  by 3 p.m. Monday of an order week. If you process an online order on an "off-week",  your order will be processed during the next order cycle.

Upcoming Order Dates: TBD

(for physical cards)









Each purchase of scrip constitutes an agreement to the terms and conditions set forth by PTC, Great Lakes Scrip Center, or, and/or their representatives.

    •    All rebates generated by Great Lakes Scrip Center / resulting from your direct purchase of shopping scrip become the property of PTC.  You may however; request PTC to use one the following distribution methods for rebates generated from your purchases of scrip:


    •    Method 1: Apply 50% of the rebate to the student(s) tuition bill of the purchaser’s choosing and 50% of the rebate to the PTC General Fund to be used in support of RCS as determined by PTC.


    •    Method 2: 100% of the Rebate generated remains in the PTC General Fund to be used in support of RCS as determined by PTC.  NOTE: If a distribution method is not selected this distribution method is used.

    •    Distributions, once generated by the PTC, cannot be changed.

    •    Scrip distributions are based on a July 1st  – June 30th fiscal year.

    •    If a student leaves RCS, any credit balance from Scrip will remain property of RCS PTC.

    •    Once Scrip gift cards are distributed to your family, they become your personal property and RCS/RCS PTC cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen cards.

    •    All funds raised through the RCS PTC Scrip program become property of RCS PTC and cannot be refunded to you or retailers.

    •    RCS Scrip funds are recognized as a rebate from a third-party organization and may not be redeemed for cash.

    •    RCS Scrip purchases or rebates are not considered charitable donations.


TRIP helps raise money for the school AND helps YOU earn tuition credits. 


You can pay through PrestoPay online or send your payment to the school (make checks payable to RCS) on SCRIPT Mondays, before 10:00 AM.  Scrip orders will be available for pick up, or sent home, on Friday after 2:00PM


Shop ’til you drop while reducing your child’s tuition and increasing the PTC playground improvement fund!

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